MacSpeech DictateI’ve recently discovered something that I’d like to share in this post. It’s a tool that has been around for a while, but I haven’t seen it used in this way before. In fact, I am using this tool right now to create this post.

That tool is MacSpeech Dictate. (There is also a PC equivalent called Dragon Naturally Speaking.)

I never learned to type properly so I’ve never been particularly fast on the keyboard.  Now with MacSpeech Dictate it’s like I’m a Mavis Beacon typing Pro. I am pleasantly surprised by the high degree of accuracy from MacSpeech Dictate, especially if you take a few minutes to train the system with your voice.

I typically listen to music while I am working. This can cause problems with MacSpeech Dictate if you tend to want to crank your speakers up while working. But one easy workaround is to simply output your music to your headphones while you are dictating. MacSpeech Dictate comes with a nice Plantronics headset. And I found that I can listen to music on headphones and dictate with a very high degree of accuracy.

I am very much enjoying creating blog posts now by dictating. I have noticed one thing though. My writing style seems to take on a more informal tone when I am dictating. This could be a good thing. I think my writing sounds more like I’m having a conversation now.

I encourage you to experiment with dictating blog posts. Not only could it be a more efficient way to create posts, but it may also create a warmer tone to your writing.