Website Design

We’ve developed a comprehensive approach to website design that gives back control to the website owner. This not only saves on the maintenance costs for a website, but it also improves turnaround time for future additions and/or changes to the website.

Originally, WordPress was designed for bloggers. But, as it evolved, it became a very good website management system. Now, with a few modifications, some clever use of plugins, and our documented approach to the use of themes, templates and plugins, WordPress is a complete, flexible, and easy-to-use website management platform.

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Video Production

We have several years of experience in traditional video production. We’ve recently moved to web-based video production for both educational and promotional purposes. We are especially interested in web-based video marketing.



We have several years of experience creating captivating images for businesses. We can do medium scale product shoots, location and architectural shoots, and personal or corporate portrait shoots.


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