I often get asked this question: What is WordPress?

The WordPress Themes

The WordPress Themes

It surprises me because WordPress is so popular that I assume most be people know about it. I often expect to talk to people about the advantage of using WordPress over other options out there. I didn’t occur to me to begin at the beginning by answering: What is WordPress?

What Is WordPress?

The simple answer is that WordPress is content management system (CMS) for websites that have a focus on blogs. And, a blog (short for Web Log) is a website that allows a chronological listing of posts. It a bit like a digital online diary. What you’re reading right now is a blog. Although WordPress was originally created blogs, it has developed a long way from it’s original intention back in 2003.

WordPress is now a very flexible CMS that is being used for all kinds of websites, with or without blogs.

What Makes WordPress So Good for Building Websites?

Without getting into too much detail about the strengths of WordPress, here are a few of the most important benefits:

The WordPress Post Interface

The WordPress Post Interface

  • WordPress has an easy-to-use interface
  • WordPress has a large selection of free and commercial themes
  • WordPress is SEO ready out of the box
  • WordPress has a large selection of available plugins which greatly increase its functionality
  • WordPress has a large developer and support community
  • WordPress is free

Who Is WordPress For?

If you are a small to medium-sized business owner and are looking for a better way to create or re-design your website, then WordPress is for you. Even if you’re an entrepreneur looking to test the waters with a website to market your latest idea, WordPress will be invaluable for helping you develop and maintain a website.

If you are a web designer who has been creating static HTML websites for your clients and want to find a better, easier way to create and maintain your client’s sites, then WordPress is for you too.

And lastly, if you are a dabbler in website design and have been hearing about WordPress and want to know more, then it’s time to jump in and discover the benefits of a WordPress website.