why WordPressWith all the options for building a website available now, it’s reasonable to ask: Why WordPress?

Many internet hosting companies now offer their own website building systems. Sometimes they offer several systems. But often, these systems are clunky and awkward. Also, many of these website building systems are based on a limited set of cookie-cutter templates. The other concern with these hosting-based systems is what happens if/when you decide to change hosts.

Why WordPress?

There are several reasons why I use WordPress for all my websites and for all of my client’s websites. For the sake of brevity, I will list my top 5 reasons why I build websites in WordPress.

1. Large Selection of WordPress Themes

The WordPress Free Themes Directory now boasts almost 1,500 free themes and growing. Add to this an even greater number of relatively inexpensive ($20-$60), well-designed commercial themes. This number and variety of themes makes it very easy to create a website that is both well-suited to your business needs and unique.

Many of the commercial WordPress themes come with added functionality and widget integration.

You can review the impressive array of free themes here: WordPress Free Theme Directory.

2. Large Selection of WordPress Plugins

There is an even more impressive number of plugins available to WordPress developers. The Plugin Directory at WordPress.org has over 16,000 plugins available.

Plugins are the source of the impressive functionality of WordPress websites. Plugins can extend WordPress’ functionality for things like ecommerce, portfolio display, form generation, SEO, and much more.

To get a good idea of what plugins can do for a WordPress website, check the plugins directory here: WordPress Plugins Directory.

3. Simple Interface

 One of the best reasons to use WordPress to build a business website is that it’s interface is very intuitive and easy to learn. This is a great advantage for the business owner who wishes to enjoy some savings by managing the website without a web developer.

WordPress Interface

WordPress Interface


4. Large Developer & Support Community

 The WordPress developer community and support community is one of the largest in the world. There is extensive documentation for WordPress at the Codex page. The WordPress Forums are very active. I have rarely had to wait more than an hour to get an excellent answer to my questions (even some very obscure questions) when I’ve posted them to the WordPress Forum. An eagerness to be helpful and thorough seems to be a hallmark of the WordPress community.

5. WordPress is Free!

Perhaps the most surprising thing about WordPress is that it is free (opensource).

In a nutshell, this is why I choose WordPress to build all of my websites. When I build client websites in WordPress, I provide them with my training system which allows them to easily take over website management. I’ve also written a guide for small businesses who want to build and manage a WordPress website on their own.